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Thank you for an AMAZING Party!

I have been meaning to send you this note for a while but time goes by too quickly. I would like to thank you, Mr. Becker, Solie and the crew for an AMAZING party. The food was great, the drinks were amazing and the crew was awesome. I'm so grateful to all of you, for all that you contributed to make my husband's 50th  birthday such a wonderful and unforgettable milestone. Everyone keeps talking about it. I will definitely recommend your Yacht for events and hope t o have another event in the near future.

All the best to you and the crew!

With gratitude

Elia Figueroa :-)

"We felt like we were home"

It is with immense gratitude, we would like to thank you for being an excellent service to our family and friends as we celebrated the graduation of our son, Vinit Shah, from Stern School of Business on your YACHT. Honestly, we felt like we were home and the care and support we received from you, your staff and management was truly remarkable.

It is very difficult to find services, which can accommodate our needs of vegetarian food, no alcohol and Indian music. Not only did you allow us to celebrate our event in our way; you became part of it and enjoyed it with us. Your efforts made this evening a special one in the life of our son, and our family and friends and we will remember it for the rest of our lives.

We thank you once again for being such a great host and we want you to know, that we could not have done it without you.

Best Regards
Heemansu & Meenaxi Shah

Elegant, beautiful, stylish and classy

I just wanted to drop a few lines your way to express how thoughtful the ‘Thank You’ card I received from you this past Saturday was. Your very, sincere words touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your kindness and believe me when I tell you, it was truly an honor and a pleasure to have met such a gentleman as yourself.

Bob, I am still getting rave reviews regarding the ‘gala’ on the Majestic Princess from my family all over the country. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!! And the pictures that either the photographer or everyone else took, have gone viral on Facebook and other social medias. I was told by my cousin Shirley who is our ‘founder’ so to speak, because she started our family reunions over 20 years ago; that New Jersey hosting the reunion by far, was the BEST! She used words like elegant, beautiful, stylish and classy. Bob, I have you to thank for that. I had a vision of how I wanted that night to be, but you took that vision and ran with it! From how beautifully decorated the ship was, to how delicious and elegant the food was (and don’t get me started on those desserts – magnifico!), to how the entire evening unfolded in general; just exceeded all my expectations. And your attention to the smallest of details was simply impeccable. Ms. Madeline and your staff were the kindest, most professional people that I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter. They made a special evening, even more so and you all were truly instrumental in creating wonderful and lasting memories. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

You’ll probably hear from me again; if not because of a function that I plan, then, from someone I’ve referred the Majestic Princess and your services to. Take care.


Birthday Dinner!

I received your lovely email last night and want to say the feeling is mutual. You were a pleasure to meet and work with! What a great night we had. The party was just wonderful. Everyone had a great time. Madeline and the staff were so helpful and accommodating in every way. They were professional and also warm and friendly. The food was delicious ( great call on prime rib! ) the cake was wonderful. Guy's choice of music was perfect. He read the group and moment right (Neil diamond's "Coming to America") as we passed the Statue of Liberty - what a moment!! We had a very happy group and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Ralph and Andrea were so pleased with the way the whole party turned out and you were a very big part of that. I thank you for all your attention to detail and all your guidance to me, a complete novice at boating parties! 

Thank you again on behalf of all the Cipriani's and Rowe's. We will surely keep you and the majestic princess in mind when we want a first class experience.


2015 Valentines Day Cruise

"We were on the Valentine's Day cruise last night to celebrate our anniversary and we had the best time! Your services were outstanding. Food was fantastic. Everyone was so friendly especially taking pictures of the view. Couples were posing on deck and everyone was switching cameras to get the best picture. Dancing on the upper deck was romantic. I would highly recommend you to anyone. We will be back!!"

Annette Tracy


Wolansky"I just had to write to you to let you know you how much you have impacted other peoples' lives.  Rachel and Josh went on your cruise last night and they can only describe everything as "perfect".  The weather, perfect, the yacht, perfect, the couple who they sat and dined with, Carmine and Carolyn, funny and perfect. The service, the music, the way the ship approached the Statue of Liberty as "Proud to be an American" played in the background.  How close you positioned the vessel to the Freedom Tower.  The outstanding food;the best Chicken Franchaese and Caesar Salad, and the pork, and the red roasted potatoes that had a delicious flavor, not only on the outside but throughout the entire potato. Let us not forget the delicious Ziti.  The way you served the food, with each person being served and the opportunity to go and get more if you would like after.  The way the tables were arranged on the ship. All perfect.

They enjoyed every moment of the evening.  They were left speechless when Josh was called to the floor and recognized for his service and given a drink as further gratitude.  No words can express my gratitude for bringing them such joy. Perfect moments have been few the past several years for Rachel.  Though she looks so healthy and is a pretty young girl, she was diagnosed with a pseudo brain tumor and a paralyzed stomach six years ago.  She is the youngest person in New Jersey to have a pacemaker in her stomach so she can now eat daily .  She missed most of her high school years including her prom, due to hospitalizations.  Josh has been an answered prayer as he cares for her when she is well and never leaves her side when she is suffering.  A character trait that is hard to find, especially in someone so young.  He has had a difficult time returning to the states.  Last night into this morning was the first time I saw "pre-deployment" Josh.  He and Rachel were just glowing as they re-stated every moment of their cruise and the wonderful time they had.  I asked them what they liked the best.  They replied,"Everything".  When I asked what was their least favorite part of the night, which usually provokes a long commentary, they looked at each other and said, " Nothing. We mean it.  Everything was perfect."

If you ever ponder the purpose of kind acts or the benefit of the work you do for others, I hope you will save this email and know that you brought such joy and happiness, not only to this young couple, but to a mother who has witnessed more tears than smiles from her daughter over the past 6 years. ( I attached a picture of the children on your cruise.  Their expression speaks more than my words can ever say).

Thank you so very, very much and May God Bless You Always,"

Judi Wolansky

A Special Thanks

Dear Captain Bob,

How do we begin to thank you for such a special night on the Hudson? Everything was just perfect! The Majestic Princess looked absolutely beautiful with all the lights, the staff was so friendly and extremely pleasant and helpful, the food was delicious and so nicely served. We have been receiving calls, texts and e-mails all week from our guests thanking us for a really spectacular party!

A special thanks to you, Captain Bob, for all of the help you gave us. Your attention to detail was awesome. The DJ you suggested was terrific. It was definitely a night we will always remember, thanks so much for everything.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to charter a special cruise.


Maureen Monaghan